­čîč Feature
Amortize your app spend

Frame 1.png
Now you can spread the cost of your yearly spend over a period of 12 months, rather than accounting 100% of it in the month you paid for it.

Simply head to Amortization Settings in your account to set up how long we should spread your payments (based on the billing cycle), then choose what view you'd like to see with the filter on all spend graphs.

Slack notifications for new employees
Frame 2.png
Now you'll receive a notification from the LicenceOne Slackbot each time a new employee is detected. What's more, directly from Slack, you'll be able to:

  • Assign a team to the employee
  • Untrack them
  • Open their LicenceOne employee profile in a new window

Fixes & changes

  • Fixed an error where menu icons didn't show a notification bubble
  • Fixed an error where US + Canada bank accounts didn't display an error message when we encountered an error synchronizing with them
­čîč Feature
Delete applications

Delete application - Sleekplan.png
Ever had a situation where untracking an application in LicenceOne just didn't hit the spot?

Then say goodbye to all that frustration - LicenceOne now allows you to permanently delete applications from all of your views.

What's more, we've also added the possibility for you to let us know why you're deleting an application so that we can constantly improve our detection accuracy!

Other changes

  • We've made some behind-the-scences changes which means we now detect an even higher percentage of application icons automatically
  • We've slightly adapted the data source interface for new users to make it even easier to understand
­čôł Improvement
Multi-currency management

With today's update, LicenceOne users can visualise automatically detected transactions and their associated spend calculations in multiple currencies.

View spend history in multiple currencies

01 - LicenceOne - Dashboard - Chrome - MacOS.png
For users that sometimes pay in dollars, then pounds, then euros: this one's for you.

Now your LicenceOne dashboard displays multiple currency lines with the correct calculations if we detect that your bank account or accounting software handles multi-currency transactions.

View app spend in the currency they were paid in

Now, transactions that are shown in an application's spend tab show the currency that were each paid in; rather than assuming that they're all the same currency ­čśë

Menu refresh

You might've also noticed that we've added handy links to LicenceOne's help center and feedback board so that all of our users can find this at a glance.

Coming soon

If you like adding applications and spend manually, don't worry! We've got a feature coming soon to allow you to select from any legal currency (at least that we could find ­čśë) coming very soon.

You can take a peak at that feature here, with some top secret screenshots of what the feature will look like too ­čĽÁ´ŞĆ

Let user choose currency when manually adding applications
I am from Brazil and I have a lot of payment that I do in US Dollars. It would be great if we could choose the currency of each app. Because today I only have Reais (Brazilian currency), but I spend in Reais, Dollars and Euro.

­čĺ│ Improved European bank coverage

With today's update, LicenceOne users can add banking data from institutions in 27 new countries, with improved coverage for our existing Germany and Spain coverage too - adding over 2 100 new banks to choose from! ­čĄ»

That means that on top of our existing banking integrations; users can now synchronise payment data from banks in the following countries:

Other changes

  • Updated our account registration flow design
  • Improved task filter view responsiveness on smaller laptop screens
  • Added links to our FAQs and feedback board in the settings menu
  • Improved some translation errors

Feedback items covered in this update

Integrate with German banks
This feature would add German banking institutions as a data source so LicenceOne could detect applications and their spend from them. We have now identified and decided on our preferred integration service, and are beginning to build our technical specifications to integrate with them. This should be available to all users around the end of June 2022. ## Banks in Germany that will be supported soon The following banks are those which LicenceOne will soon be able to detect software automatically from in Germany: * 1822direkt * Aachener Bank * ABN AMRO Bank Commercial * Abtsgm├╝nder Bank * Airbus Bank * Airwallex * Aktivbank * Allg├Ąuer Volksbank Kempten-Sonthofen * Alxing-Brucker Genossenschaftsbank * Bank f├╝r Kirche und Caritas * Bank f├╝r Kirche und Diakonie - KD-Bank * Bank im Bistum Essen * Bank Saar * Bank11 f├╝r Privatkunden und Handel * Bankhaus Anton Hafner * Bankhaus Bauer Aktiengesellschaft * Bankhaus E Mayer * Bankhaus Ellwanger & Geiger * Bankhaus Gebr. Martin * Bankhaus J. Faisst * Bankhaus Lampe * Bankhaus Max Flessa KG * Bankhaus Rautenschlein * Bankhaus Werhahn * Bankhaus Werhahn * Bayerische BodenseeBank * BBBank * Bensberger Bank * Berliner Sparkasse * Berliner Volksbank Abteilung BIT * Bernhauser Bank * Bethmann Bank * Bopfinger Bank Sechta-Ries * Bordesholmer Sparkasse AG * Brandenburger Bank Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank * Bremer LB * Bremische Volksbank * Br├╝hler Bank * BTV Bank * BTV Bank f├╝r Tirol und Vorarlberg Zweigniederlassung Deutschland * Budenheimer Volksbank * Comdirect * Commerzbank * Commerzbank * Consors Finanz * Consorsbank * Cronbank * CVW-Privatbank * Degussa Bank * Dettinger Bank * Deutsche Bank * Deutsche Bundesbank * Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB) * Dithmarscher Volks- und Raiffeisenbank * DKM Darlehnskasse M├╝nster * Donau-Iller Bank * Donner Reuschel * Dortmunder Volksbank * Ebury * Echterdinger Bank * Eckernf├Ârder Bank Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank * EDEKABANK Hamburg * Emsl├Ąndische Volksbank * Erzgebirgssparkasse * EthikBank * Eurocity Bank * Europ├Ąisch-Iranische Handelsbank * Evangelische Bank * Evenord-Bank * Ferratum Bank * Finom * Frankenberger Bank Raiffeisenbank * Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft * Frankfurter Sparkasse * Frankfurter Volksbank * Freisinger Bank Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank * F├Ârde Sparkasse * F├╝rst Fugger Privatbank Aktiengesellschaft * F├╝rstlich Castell'sche Bank Credit-Casse * Gabler-Saliter Bankgesch├Ąft * GENO BANK ESSEN * Genobank Mainz * Genossenschaftsbank M├╝nchen * Genossenschaftsbank Unterallg├Ąu * Genossenschaftsbank Weil im Sch├Ânbuch * Gladbacher Bank * GLS Gemeinschaftsbank * Grafschafter Volksbank * GRENKE BANK * Hagnauer Volksbank * Hamburger Sparkasse * Hamburger Volksbank * Hannoversche Volksbank * Harzer Volksbank * Harzsparkasse * Hausbank * Heidelberger Volksbank * Heidenheimer Volksbank * Hoerner Bank * HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt * HSBCnet * HypoVereinsbank * HypoVereinsbank UC eBanking Global * H├╝mmlinger Volksbank * H├╝ttenberger Bank * IBM Deutschland Kreditbank * Ikano Bank * ING * Insha * Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee * Isbank * Kasseler Sparkasse * Kieler Volksbank * Klarna Bank AB * Kontist * Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse Kaufbeuren * Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse Wasserburg * Kreissparkasse Ahrweiler * Kreissparkasse Anhalt-Bitterfeld * Kreissparkasse Augsburg * Kreissparkasse Bautzen * Kreissparkasse Bersenbr├╝ck * Kreissparkasse Biberach * Kreissparkasse Birkenfeld * Kreissparkasse Bitburg-Pr├╝m * Kreissparkasse B├Âblingen * Kreissparkasse B├Ârde * Kreissparkasse D├Âbeln * Kreissparkasse D├╝sseldorf * Kreissparkasse Eichsfeld * Kreissparkasse Esslingen-N├╝rtingen * Kreissparkasse Euskirchen * Kreissparkasse Freudenstadt * Kreissparkasse Garmisch-Partenkirchen * Kreissparkasse Gelnhausen * Kreissparkasse Gotha * Kreissparkasse Grafschaft Diepholz * Kreissparkasse Gro├č-Gerau * Kreissparkasse G├Âppingen * Kreissparkasse Halle (Westf.) * Kreissparkasse Heidenheim * Kreissparkasse Heilbronn * Kreissparkasse Heinsberg * Kreissparkasse Herzogtum Lauenburg * Kreissparkasse Hildburghausen * Kreissparkasse Kaiserslautern * Kreissparkasse Kelheim * Kreissparkasse Kusel * Kreissparkasse K├Âln * Kreissparkasse Limburg * Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg * Kreissparkasse Mayen * Kreissparkasse Melle * Kreissparkasse Miesbach-Tegernsee * Kreissparkasse M├Ąrkisch-Oderland * Kreissparkasse M├╝nchen Starnberg Ebersberg * Kreissparkasse Nordhausen * Kreissparkasse Nordhorn * Kreissparkasse Northeim * Kreissparkasse Ostalb * Kreissparkasse Ravensburg * Kreissparkasse Reutlingen * Kreissparkasse Rhein-Hunsr├╝ck * Kreissparkasse Rottweil * Kreissparkasse Saale-Orla * Kreissparkasse Saalfeld-Rudolstadt * Kreissparkasse Saarlouis * Kreissparkasse Saarpfalz * Kreissparkasse Schl├╝chtern * Kreissparkasse Schwalm-Eder * Kreissparkasse Sigmaringen * Kreissparkasse Soltau * Kreissparkasse St. Wendel * Kreissparkasse Stade * Kreissparkasse Steinfurt * Kreissparkasse Stendal * Kreissparkasse Syke * Kreissparkasse Traunstein-Trostberg * Kreissparkasse Tuttlingen * Kreissparkasse T├╝bingen * Kreissparkasse Verden * Kreissparkasse Vulkaneifel * Kreissparkasse Waiblingen * Kreissparkasse Walsrode * Kreissparkasse Weilburg * Kreissparkasse Wiedenbr├╝ck * Kurhessische Landbank * Kyffh├Ąusersparkasse Artern-Sondershausen * Landbank Horlofftal * Landesbank Saar * Landessparkasse Oldenburg * Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank * LBBW * Leipziger Volksbank * levoBank * LIGA Bank * Mainzer Volksbank * meine Volksbank Raiffeisenbank * Mendener Bank * Merck Finck Privatbankiers * MERKUR BANK * Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse in Potsdam * MKB Mittelstandskreditbank * MLP Finanzdienstleistungen * Monese * MUFG Bank * M├Ąrkische Bank * M├╝nchner Bank * M├╝nsterl├Ąndische Bank Thie & Co. * M├╝ritz-Sparkasse * N26 Bank * Nassauische Sparkasse * National-Bank * net-m privatbank Aktiengesellschaft * Niederrheinische Sparkasse RheinLippe * Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse * NORD/LB * Nordth├╝ringer Volksbank * North Channel Bank * Nuri * Oberbank * ODDO BHF-Bank * Onstmettinger Bank * OnVista Bank * Ostfriesische Volksbank * OstseeSparkasse Rostock * Osts├Ąchsische Sparkasse Dresden * Otto M Schr├Âder Bank * Pax-Bank Kirche und Caritas * PayPal * Penta Fintech * Pommersche Volksbank * Postbank * PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg * PSD Bank Braunschweig * PSD Bank Hannover * PSD Bank Hessen-Th├╝ringen * PSD Bank Karlsruhe-Neustadt * PSD Bank Kiel * PSD Bank Koblenz * PSD Bank M├╝nchen * PSD Bank Nord * PSD Bank N├╝rnberg * PSD Bank Rhein-Ruhr * PSD Bank RheinNeckarSaar * PSD Bank West * PSD Bank Westfalen-Lippe * Raiffeisen - meine Bank * Raiffeisen Baiertal * Raiffeisen SparKreditbank * Raiffeisen-Bank Eschweiler * Raiffeisen-Volksbank * Raiffeisen-Volksbank Aschaffenburg * Raiffeisen-Volksbank Bad Staffelstein * Raiffeisen-Volksbank Donauw├Ârth * Raiffeisen-Volksbank Ebersberg * Raiffeisen-Volksbank Fresena * Raiffeisen-Volksbank Ha├čberge * Raiffeisen-Volksbank Hermsdorfer Kreuz * Raiffeisen-Volksbank Neustadt * Raiffeisen-Volksbank Oder-Spree * Raiffeisen-Volksbank Ries * Raiffeisen-Volksbank T├╝ssling-Unterneukirchen * Raiffeisen-Volksbank Varel - Nordenham * Raiffeisen-Volksbank Wemding * Raiffeisenbank Aichhalden-Hardt- Sulgen * Raiffeisenbank Aidlingen * Raiffeisenbank Aindling * Raiffeisenbank Aitrang-Ruderatshofen * Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Ergolding * Raiffeisenbank Alteglofsheim-Hagelstadt * Raiffeisenbank Altschweier * Raiffeisenbank am Dreisessel * Raiffeisenbank Am Goldenen Steig * Raiffeisenbank am Kulm * Raiffeisenbank Anger * Raiffeisenbank Aresing-Gerolsbach * Raiffeisenbank Arnstorf * Raiffeisenbank Aschau-Samerberg * Raiffeisenbank Aschberg * Raiffeisenbank Auerbach-Freihung * Raiffeisenbank Augsburger Land West * Raiffeisenbank Bad K├Âtzting * Raiffeisenbank Bad Saulgau * Raiffeisenbank Bad Schussenried * Raiffeisenbank Bad Windsheim * Raiffeisenbank Baisweil-Eggenthal-Friesenried * Raiffeisenbank Baunatal * Raiffeisenbank Bechhofen * Raiffeisenbank Beilngries * Raiffeisenbank Bergh├╝len * Raiffeisenbank Beuerberg-Eurasburg * Raiffeisenbank Biberach * Raiffeisenbank Bibertgrund * Raiffeisenbank Bidingen * Raiffeisenbank Biebergrund-Petersberg * Raiffeisenbank Bissingen * Raiffeisenbank Bobingen * Raiffeisenbank Borken Nordhessen * Raiffeisenbank Bruck * Raiffeisenbank Buch-Eching * Raiffeisenbank Burgebrach-Stegaurach * Raiffeisenbank Butjadingen- Abbehausen * Raiffeisenbank B├Âllingertal * Raiffeisenbank B├╝chen-Crivitz-Hagenow-Plate * Raiffeisenbank B├╝hlertal * Raiffeisenbank B├╝tthard-Gauk├Ânigshofen * Raiffeisenbank Chamer Land * Raiffeisenbank Chiemgau-Nord-Obing * Raiffeisenbank Deggendorf-Plattling-Sonnenwald * Raiffeisenbank Denzlingen-Sexau * Raiffeisenbank Dietersheim und Umgebung * Raiffeisenbank Donau-Heuberg * Raiffeisenbank Ebrachgrund * Raiffeisenbank Ehekirchen-Oberhausen * Raiffeisenbank Eichenb├╝hl und Umgebung * Raiffeisenbank Eifeltor * Raiffeisenbank Elbmarsch * Raiffeisenbank Elsavatal * Raiffeisenbank Elztal * Raiffeisenbank Emsland-Mitte * Raiffeisenbank Erding * Raiffeisenbank Erkelenz * Raiffeisenbank Erlenbach * Raiffeisenbank Ersingen * Raiffeisenbank Eschlkam-Lam-Lohberg-Neukirchen b.Hl.BLUT * Raiffeisenbank Essenbach * Raiffeisenbank Estenfeld-Bergtheim * Raiffeisenbank Falkenstein-W├Ârth * Raiffeisenbank Flachsmeer * Raiffeisenbank Flo├č * Raiffeisenbank Frankenhardt-Stimpfach * Raiffeisenbank Fr├Ąnkische Schweiz * Raiffeisenbank Fuchstal-Denklingen * Raiffeisenbank Geiselh├Âring-Pfaffenberg * Raiffeisenbank Geislingen-Rosenfeld * Raiffeisenbank Gilching * Raiffeisenbank Gmund am Tegernsee * Raiffeisenbank Gotha * Raiffeisenbank Grainet * Raiffeisenbank Greding-Thalm├Ąssing * Raiffeisenbank Griesst├Ątt-Halfing * Raiffeisenbank Grimma * Raiffeisenbank Gruibingen * Raiffeisenbank Gr├Ąvenwiesbach * Raiffeisenbank Gymnich * Raiffeisenbank Haag-Gars-Maitenbeth * Raiffeisenbank Hallertau * Raiffeisenbank Hardt-Bruhrain * Raiffeisenbank Heilsbronn-Windsbach * Raiffeisenbank Hengersberg-Sch├Âllnach * Raiffeisenbank Heroldsbach * Raiffeisenbank Hersbruck * Raiffeisenbank HessenNord * Raiffeisenbank Hiltenfingen * Raiffeisenbank Hirschau * Raiffeisenbank Hochfranken West * Raiffeisenbank Hohenloher Land * Raiffeisenbank Holzkirchen-Otterfing * Raiffeisenbank H├Âchberg * Raiffeisenbank Ichenhausen * Raiffeisenbank im Allg├Ąuer Land * Raiffeisenbank im Breisgau * Raiffeisenbank im Donautal * Raiffeisenbank im Fuldaer Land * Raiffeisenbank im Grabfeld * Raiffeisenbank im Kreis Calw * Raiffeisenbank im Landkreis Passau-Nord * Raiffeisenbank im Oberland * Raiffeisenbank im Oberpf├Ąlzer Jura * Raiffeisenbank Irrel * Raiffeisenbank Isar-Loisachtal * Raiffeisenbank Kaarst * Raiffeisenbank Kaiserstuhl * Raiffeisenbank Kalbe-Bismark * Raiffeisenbank Kastellaun * Raiffeisenbank Kempten-Oberallg├Ąu * Raiffeisenbank Kieselbronn * Raiffeisenbank Kirchweihtal * Raiffeisenbank Kirtorf * Raiffeisenbank Knoblauchsland * Raiffeisenbank Kreis Kelheim * Raiffeisenbank K├╝ps-Mitwitz-Stockheim * Raiffeisenbank Lauenburg * Raiffeisenbank Leezen * Raiffeisenbank Lorup * Raiffeisenbank Main-Spessart * Raiffeisenbank Maitis * Raiffeisenbank Ma├čbach * Raiffeisenbank Mecklenburger Seenplatte * Raiffeisenbank Mehring-Leiwen * Raiffeisenbank Mittelschwaben * Raiffeisenbank Mittenwald * Raiffeisenbank Moormerland * Raiffeisenbank Moselkrampen * Raiffeisenbank Mutlangen * Raiffeisenbank M├Âtzingen * Raiffeisenbank M├╝nchen-Nord * Raiffeisenbank M├╝nchen-S├╝d * Raiffeisenbank Nahe * Raiffeisenbank Neumarkt i.d.OPf. * Raiffeisenbank Neumarkt-St.Veit - Reischach * Raiffeisenbank Neustadt * Raiffeisenbank Neustadt-Vohenstrau├č * Raiffeisenbank Niedere Alb * Raiffeisenbank Niederwallmenach * Raiffeisenbank Nordkreis Landsberg * Raiffeisenbank N├Ârdliche Bergstra├če * Raiffeisenbank N├╝dlingen * Raiffeisenbank Oberaudorf * Raiffeisenbank Oberes G├Ąu * Raiffeisenbank Oberferrieden-Burgthann * Raiffeisenbank Oberland * Raiffeisenbank Obermain Nord * Raiffeisenbank Oberpfalz NordWest * Raiffeisenbank Oberpfalz S├╝d * Raiffeisenbank Oberteuringen-Meckenbeuren * Raiffeisenbank Oberursel * Raiffeisenbank Offenbach M-Bieber * Raiffeisenbank Oldenburg * Raiffeisenbank Ortenburg-Kirchberg * Raiffeisenbank Ostprignitz - Ruppin * Raiffeisenbank Ottenbach * Raiffeisenbank Owschlag * Raiffeisenbank Parkstetten * Raiffeisenbank Pfaffenhausen * Raiffeisenbank Pfaffenhofen adGlonn * Raiffeisenbank Pfaffenwinkel * Raiffeisenbank Pfeffenhausen- Rottenburg-Wildenberg * Raiffeisenbank Plankstetten * Raiffeisenbank Raisting * Raiffeisenbank Rastede * Raiffeisenbank Rattiszell-Konzell * Raiffeisenbank Regensburg-Wenzenbach * Raiffeisenbank Regenstauf * Raiffeisenbank Rehling * Raiffeisenbank Reute-Gaisbeuren * Raiffeisenbank Ried * Raiffeisenbank Rodenbach * Raiffeisenbank Rosenstein * Raiffeisenbank Roth-Schwabach * Raiffeisenbank RSA * Raiffeisenbank Rupertiwinkel * Raiffeisenbank Schaafheim * Raiffeisenbank Scharrel * Raiffeisenbank Schrobenhausener Land * Raiffeisenbank Schrozberg- Rot am See * Raiffeisenbank Schwaben Mitte * Raiffeisenbank Schwabm├╝nchen * Raiffeisenbank Seebachgrund * Raiffeisenbank Seesterm├╝he * Raiffeisenbank Simmerath * Raiffeisenbank Singoldtal * Raiffeisenbank Sinzing * Raiffeisenbank Sondelfingen * Raiffeisenbank Stauden * Raiffeisenbank Steingaden * Raiffeisenbank Steinheim * Raiffeisenbank Straubing * Raiffeisenbank Struvenh├╝tten * Raiffeisenbank Str├╝cklingen- Idafehn * Raiffeisenbank Sulzbach-Rosenberg * Raiffeisenbank S├╝dhardt * Raiffeisenbank S├╝dliches Ostallg├Ąu * Raiffeisenbank S├╝dstormarn M├Âlln * Raiffeisenbank Tattenhausen-Gro├čkarolinenfeld * Raiffeisenbank Taufkirchen-Oberneukirchen * Raiffeisenbank Thannhausen * Raiffeisenbank Thurnauer Land * Raiffeisenbank Todenb├╝ttel * Raiffeisenbank T├╝ngental * Raiffeisenbank T├╝rkheim * Raiffeisenbank Unteres Inntal * Raiffeisenbank Unteres Vilstal * Raiffeisenbank Unteres Zusamtal * Raiffeisenbank Unterwesterwald * Raiffeisenbank Volkacher Mainschleife - Wiesentheid * Raiffeisenbank Volkmarsen * Raiffeisenbank Voreifel * Raiffeisenbank Wald-G├Ârisried * Raiffeisenbank Waldaschaff-Heigenbr├╝cken * Raiffeisenbank Wallgau-Kr├╝n * Raiffeisenbank Wangen * Raiffeisenbank Wegscheid * Raiffeisenbank Wei├čenburg-Gunzenhausen * Raiffeisenbank Welling * Raiffeisenbank Werratal-Landeck * Raiffeisenbank Wesermarsch-S├╝d * Raiffeisenbank Westallg├Ąu * Raiffeisenbank Westeifel * Raiffeisenbank Westhausen * Raiffeisenbank Westkreis F├╝rstenfeldbruck * Raiffeisenbank Wiesedermeer- Wiesede-Marcardsmoor * Raiffeisenbank Wimsheim-M├Ânsheim * Raiffeisenbank Wittelsbacher Land * Raiffeisenbank Wyhl * Raiffeisenbank W├╝stenselbitz * Raiffeisenbank Zeller Land * Raiffeisenbank Zorneding * Raiffeisenbank ├ťhlfeld-Dachsbach * Raiffeisenkasse Erbes-B├╝desheim und Umgebung * Revolut * Rheingauer Volksbank * Rh├Ân-Rennsteig Sparkasse * Rosbacher Raiffeisenbank * Rostocker Volks- und Raiffeisenbank * Rottaler Raiffeisenbank * RSB RetailService Bank * R├╝sselsheimer Volksbank * Saalesparkasse * Salzlandsparkasse * Scharnhauser Bank * Schrobenhausener Bank * Spar- und Darlehnskasse Bockum-H├Âvel * Spar- und Darlehnskasse B├Ârde Lamstedt-Hechthausen * Spar- und Kreditbank B├╝hlertal * Spar- und Kreditbank des Bundes Freier evangelischer Gemeinden * Spar- und Kreditbank Evangelisch-Freikirchlicher Gemeinden * Spar- und Kreditbank Hammah * Spar- und Kreditbank Rheinstetten * Spar-u. Kredit-Bank * Sparda Bank Augsburg eG * Sparda Bank Baden-W├╝rttemberg eG * Sparda Bank Hessen eG * Sparda Bank M├╝nchen * Sparda Bank N├╝rnberg * Sparda Bank Ostbayern eG * Sparda Bank West D├╝sseldorf * Sparda Bank West K├Âln * Sparda Bank West M├╝nster * Sparda Bank West Wuppertal * Sparda-Bank Berlin * Sparda-Bank Hamburg * Sparda-Bank Hannover * Sparda-Bank S├╝dwest * Sparkasse Aachen * Sparkasse Aichach-Schrobenhausen * Sparkasse Allg├Ąu * Sparkasse Altenburger Land * Sparkasse Altmark West * Sparkasse Alt├Âtting-M├╝hldorf * Sparkasse am Niederrhein * Sparkasse Amberg-Sulzbach * Sparkasse an der Lippe * Sparkasse Ansbach * Sparkasse Arnsberg-Sundern * Sparkasse Arnstadt-Ilmenau * Sparkasse Aschaffenburg-Alzenau * Sparkasse Attendorn-Lennestadt-Kirchhundem * Sparkasse Aurich-Norden * Sparkasse Bad Hersfeld-Rotenburg * Sparkasse Bad Kissingen * Sparkasse Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale * Sparkasse Bad Oeynhausen - Porta Westfalica * Sparkasse Bad T├Âlz-Wolfratshausen * Sparkasse Baden-Baden Gaggenau * Sparkasse Bamberg * Sparkasse Barnim * Sparkasse Battenberg * Sparkasse Bayreuth * Sparkasse Beckum-Wadersloh * Sparkasse Bensheim * Sparkasse Berchtesgadener Land * Sparkasse Bergkamen-B├Ânen * Sparkasse Bielefeld * Sparkasse Bochum * Sparkasse Bodensee * Sparkasse Bonndorf-St├╝hlingen * Sparkasse Bottrop * Sparkasse Bremen * Sparkasse Burbach-Neunkirchen * Sparkasse Burgenlandkreis * Sparkasse B├╝hl * Sparkasse Chemnitz * Sparkasse Coburg-Lichtenfels * Sparkasse Dachau * Sparkasse Darmstadt * Sparkasse Deggendorf * Sparkasse Dieburg * Sparkasse Dillenburg * Sparkasse Dillingen-N├Ârdlingen * Sparkasse Donauw├Ârth * Sparkasse Donnersberg * Sparkasse Dortmund * Sparkasse Duderstadt * Sparkasse Duisburg * Sparkasse D├╝ren * Sparkasse Einbeck * Sparkasse Elbe-Elster * Sparkasse Elmshorn * Sparkasse Emden * Sparkasse Emsland * Sparkasse Engen-Gottmadingen * Sparkasse Ennepetal-Breckerfeld * Sparkasse Erding-Dorfen * Sparkasse Erlangen H├Âchstadt Herzogenaurach * Sparkasse Eschenbach Neustadt (a.d. Waldnaab) * Sparkasse Essen * Sparkasse Forchheim * Sparkasse Freiburg-N├Ârdlicher Breisgau * Sparkasse Freising * Sparkasse Freyung-Grafenau * Sparkasse Fulda * Sparkasse F├╝rstenfeldbruck * Sparkasse F├╝rth * Sparkasse Gelsenkirchen * Sparkasse Gera-Greiz * Sparkasse Geseke * Sparkasse Gevelsberg-Wetter * Sparkasse Gie├čen * Sparkasse Gladbeck * Sparkasse Gr├╝nberg * Sparkasse Gummersbach * Sparkasse Gunzenhausen * Sparkasse G├Âttingen * Sparkasse G├╝nzburg-Krumbach * Sparkasse G├╝tersloh-Rietberg * Sparkasse HagenHerdecke * Sparkasse Hameln-Weserbergland * Sparkasse Hamm * Sparkasse Hanau * Sparkasse Hanauerland * Sparkasse Hannover * Sparkasse Harburg-Buxtehude * Sparkasse Haslach-Zell * Sparkasse Hattingen * Sparkasse Hegau-Bodensee * Sparkasse Heidelberg * Sparkasse Herford * Sparkasse Herne * Sparkasse Hilden-Ratingen-Velbert * Sparkasse Hildesheim Goslar Peine * Sparkasse Hochfranken * Sparkasse Hochrhein * Sparkasse Hochsauerland * Sparkasse Hochschwarzwald * Sparkasse Hohenlohekreis * Sparkasse Holstein * Sparkasse H├Âxter * Sparkasse im Landkreis Cham * Sparkasse im Landkreis Cham Iserlohn * Sparkasse im Landkreis Schwandorf * Sparkasse IngolstadtEichst├Ątt * Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland * Sparkasse Karlsruhe * Sparkasse Kierspe-Meinerzhagen * Sparkasse Koblenz * Sparkasse Kraichgau * Sparkasse Krefeld * Sparkasse Kulmbach-Kronach * Sparkasse K├ÂlnBonn * Sparkasse Landsberg-Die├čen * Sparkasse Landshut * Sparkasse Langen-Seligenstadt * Sparkasse Laubach-Hungen * Sparkasse LeerWittmund * Sparkasse Lemgo * Sparkasse Leverkusen * Sparkasse Lippstadt * Sparkasse L├Ârrach-Rheinfelden * Sparkasse L├╝denscheid * Sparkasse L├╝neburg * Sparkasse Mainfranken W├╝rzburg * Sparkasse Mainz * Sparkasse Mansfeld-S├╝dharz * Sparkasse Marburg-Biedenkopf * Sparkasse Markgr├Ąflerland * Sparkasse Mecklenburg-Nordwest * Sparkasse Mecklenburg-Schwerin * Sparkasse Mecklenburg-Strelitz * Sparkasse Mei├čen * Sparkasse Memmingen-Lindau-Mindelheim * Sparkasse Merzig-Wadern * Sparkasse Miltenberg-Obernburg * Sparkasse Minden-L├╝bbecke * Sparkasse Mittelfranken-S├╝d * Sparkasse Mittelholstein AG * Sparkasse Mittelmosel-Eifel-Mosel-Hunsr├╝ck * Sparkasse Mittelsachsen * Sparkasse Mittelth├╝ringen * Sparkasse Mitten im Sauerland * Sparkasse Moosburg * Sparkasse Muldental * Sparkasse M├Ąrkisches Sauerland Hemer - Menden * Sparkasse M├╝lheim a.d. Ruhr * Sparkasse M├╝nsterland-Ost * Sparkasse Neckartal-Odenwald * Sparkasse Neu-Ulm-Illertissen * Sparkasse Neubrandenburg-Demmin * Sparkasse Neuburg-Rain * Sparkasse Neumarkt i.d.OPf.-Parsberg * Sparkasse Neunkirchen * Sparkasse Neuss * Sparkasse Neustadt a.d. Aisch-Bad Windsheim * Sparkasse Neuwied * Sparkasse Niederbayern-Mitte * Sparkasse Niederlausitz * Sparkasse Nienburg * Sparkasse N├╝rnberg * Sparkasse Oberhessen * Sparkasse Oberland * Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien * Sparkasse Oberpfalz Nord * Sparkasse Odenwaldkreis * Sparkasse Oder-Spree * Sparkasse Offenburg/Ortenau * Sparkasse Olpe-Drolshagen-Wenden * Sparkasse Osnabr├╝ck * Sparkasse Osterode am Harz * Sparkasse Ostprignitz-Ruppin * Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold * Sparkasse Passau * Sparkasse Pfaffenhofen * Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw * Sparkasse Pfullendorf-Me├čkirch * Sparkasse Prignitz * Sparkasse Radevormwald-H├╝ckeswagen * Sparkasse Rastatt-Gernsbach * Sparkasse Regen-Viechtach * Sparkasse Regensburg * Sparkasse Rhein Neckar Nord * Sparkasse Rhein-Haardt * Sparkasse Rhein-Maas * Sparkasse Rhein-Nahe * Sparkasse Rosenheim-Bad Aibling * Sparkasse Rotenburg Osterholz * Sparkasse Rottal-Inn * Sparkasse Saarbr├╝cken * Sparkasse Salem-Heiligenberg * Sparkasse Schaumburg * Sparkasse Schee├čel * Sparkasse Schwarzwald-Baar * Sparkasse Schweinfurt-Ha├čberge * Sparkasse Schw├Ąbisch Hall-Crailsheim * Sparkasse Siegen * Sparkasse SoestWerl * Sparkasse Sonneberg * Sparkasse Spree-Nei├če * Sparkasse Sprockh├Âvel * Sparkasse St.Blasien * Sparkasse Stade-Altes Land * Sparkasse Starkenburg * Sparkasse Staufen-Breisach * Sparkasse Suedwestpfalz * Sparkasse S├╝dholstein * Sparkasse S├╝dpfalz * Sparkasse Tauberfranken * Sparkasse Trier * Sparkasse Uckermark * Sparkasse Uecker-Randow * Sparkasse Uelzen L├╝chow-Dannenberg * Sparkasse Ulm * Sparkasse UnnaKamen * Sparkasse Unstrut-Hainich * Sparkasse Vest Recklinghausen * Sparkasse Vogtland * Sparkasse Vorderpfalz * Sparkasse Vorpommern * Sparkasse Waldeck-Frankenberg * Sparkasse Werra-Mei├čner * Sparkasse Westerwald-Sieg * Sparkasse Westholstein * Sparkasse Westm├╝nsterland * Sparkasse Wetzlar * Sparkasse Wiesental * Sparkasse Wilhelmshaven * Sparkasse Witten * Sparkasse Wittenberg * Sparkasse Wittgenstein * Sparkasse Wolfach * Sparkasse Worms-Alzey-Ried * Sparkasse Zollernalb * Sparkasse zu L├╝beck AG * Sparkasse Zwickau * Sparkasse Celle-Gifhorn-Wolfsburg * Spreewaldbank * St. Galler Kantonalbank * Stadt- und Kreissparkasse Leipzig * Stadtsparkasse Augsburg * Stadtsparkasse Bad Pyrmont * Stadtsparkasse Barsinghausen * Stadtsparkasse Bocholt * Stadtsparkasse Borken * Stadtsparkasse Burgdorf * Stadtsparkasse Cuxhaven * Stadtsparkasse Delbr├╝ck * Stadtsparkasse Dessau * Stadtsparkasse D├╝sseldorf * Stadtsparkasse Grebenstein * Stadtsparkasse Haan (Rheinland) * Stadtsparkasse Haltern am See * Stadtsparkasse Langenfeld (Rheinland) * Stadtsparkasse Lengerich * Stadtsparkasse Magdeburg * Stadtsparkasse M├Ânchengladbach * Stadtsparkasse M├╝nchen * Stadtsparkasse Oberhausen * Stadtsparkasse Offenbach * Stadtsparkasse Rahden * Stadtsparkasse Remscheid * Stadtsparkasse Rheine * Stadtsparkasse Schwalmstadt * Stadtsparkasse Schwedt * Stadtsparkasse Schwelm * Stadtsparkasse Schwerte * Stadtsparkasse Solingen * Stadtsparkasse Versmold * Stadtsparkasse Wedel * Stadtsparkasse Wermelskirchen * Stadtsparkasse Wunstorf * Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal * Steyler Bank * Stripe * Sydbank * Sylter Bank * S├╝dtiroler Sparkasse Niederlassung M├╝nchen * S├╝dwestbank * Targobank * Taunus Sparkasse * Tomorrow * Triodos Bank * UNION-BANK * VakifBank International * VBU Volksbank im Unterland * VerbundSparkasse Emsdetten-Ochtrup * VerbundSparkasse Goch-Kevelaer-Weeze * VerbundVolksbank OWL * Vereinigte Raiffeisenbank Burgst├Ądt * Vereinigte Sparkasse im M├Ąrkischen Kreis * Vereinigte Volksbank Brakel * Vereinigte Volksbank Ganderkesee-Hude-Bookholzberg- Lemwerder * Vereinigte Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Reinheim * Vereinigte Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Wittlich * Vereinigte Volksbank Saarlouis - Losheim am See - SulzbachSaar * Vereinigte Volksbanken Sindelfingen * Vereinigte VR Bank Kur- und Rheinpfalz * Vereinigte VR Bank Wyk auf F├Âhr * Vereinte Volksbank * Vivid * Volks- und Raiffeisenbank * Volks- und Raiffeisenbank F├╝rstenwalde Seelow-Wriezen * Volks- und Raiffeisenbank Muldental * Volks- und Raiffeisenbank Prignitz * Volks- und Raiffeisenbank Saale-Unstrut * Volks- und Raiffeisenbank Saarpfalz * Volksbank - Die Gestalterbank * Volksbank - Raiffeisenbank Vilshofen * Volksbank Adelebsen * Volksbank Albstadt * Volksbank Allg├Ąu-Oberschwaben * Volksbank Altshausen * Volksbank Alzey-Worms * Volksbank am W├╝rttemberg * Volksbank Ammerbuch * Volksbank an der Niers * Volksbank Anr├Âchte * Volksbank Ascheberg-Herbern * Volksbank Backnang * Volksbank Bad Laer-Borgloh-Hilter-Melle * Volksbank Bad Salzuflen * Volksbank Bad Saulgau * Volksbank Bakum * Volksbank Baumberge * Volksbank Beckum-Lippstadt * Volksbank Beilstein-Ilsfeld- Abstatt * Volksbank Berg * Volksbank Bielefeld-G├╝tersloh * Volksbank Bigge-Lenne * Volksbank Bocholt * Volksbank Bochum Witten * Volksbank Brandoberndorf * Volksbank Braunlage * Volksbank Braunschweig Wolfsburg * Volksbank Breisgau Nord * Volksbank Breisgau- Markgr├Ąflerland * Volksbank Bremen-Nord * Volksbank Bremerhaven-Cuxland * Volksbank Brenztal * Volksbank Brilon-B├╝ren-Salzkotten * Volksbank Bruchsal-Bretten * Volksbank Butzbach * Volksbank B├Ânen * Volksbank B├Ârde-Bernburg * Volksbank B├Âr├čum-Hornburg * Volksbank B├╝hl * Volksbank Chemnitz * Volksbank Daaden * Volksbank Dammer Berge * Volksbank Darmstadt - S├╝dhessen * Volksbank Deisslingen * Volksbank Delbr├╝ck-H├Âvelhof * Volksbank Delitzsch * Volksbank Delmenhorst Schierbrok * Volksbank Demmin * Volksbank Dessau-Anhalt * Volksbank Dettenhausen * Volksbank Dortmund-Nordwest * Volksbank Dreieich * Volksbank Dreil├Ąndereck * Volksbank Dresden-Bautzen * Volksbank D├╝nnwald-Holweide * Volksbank D├╝sseldorf Neuss * Volksbank Eifel * Volksbank Eisenberg * Volksbank Elsen-Wewer-Borchen * Volksbank Emmerich-Rees * Volksbank Emstal * Volksbank Emstek * Volksbank Enniger-Ostenfelde-Westkirchen * Volksbank Erft * Volksbank Ermstal-Alb * Volksbank Esens * Volksbank Essen-Cappeln * Volksbank Ettlingen * Volksbank Euskirchen * Volksbank Eutin Raiffeisenbank * Volksbank Feldatal * Volksbank Filder * Volksbank Flein-Talheim * Volksbank Franken * Volksbank Fredenbeck * Volksbank Freiburg * Volksbank Friedrichshafen-Tettnang * Volksbank Friesoythe * Volksbank Gardelegen * Volksbank Gebhardshain * Volksbank Geest * Volksbank Geeste-Nord * Volksbank Gemen * Volksbank Gera Jena Rudolstadt * Volksbank Gescher * Volksbank Glan-M├╝nchweiler * Volksbank GMH├╝tte-Hagen-Bissendorf * Volksbank Grebenhain * Volksbank Gronau-Ahaus * Volksbank G├Âppingen * Volksbank Haaren * Volksbank Halle Saale * Volksbank HalleWestf * Volksbank Hameln-Stadthagen * Volksbank Hamm Sieg * Volksbank Hasel├╝nne * Volksbank Heiden * Volksbank Heimbach * Volksbank Heinsberg * Volksbank Hellweg * Volksbank Herford-Mindener Land * Volksbank Herrenberg-Nagold- Rottenburg * Volksbank Heuchelheim * Volksbank Hildesheim-Lehrte-Pattensen * Volksbank Hochrhein * Volksbank Hohenlimburg * Volksbank Hohenlohe * Volksbank Hohenzollern-Balingen * Volksbank Hunsr├╝ck-Nahe * Volksbank im Bergischen Land * Volksbank im Harz * Volksbank im Hochsauerland * Volksbank im Kreis Freudenstadt * Volksbank im Wesertal * Volksbank Immenstadt * Volksbank in der Hohen Mark * Volksbank in Schaumburg * Volksbank in S├╝dwestfalen * Volksbank Jerichower Land * Volksbank Jever * Volksbank Kaiserslautern * Volksbank Karlsruhe Baden-Baden * Volksbank Kassel G├Âttingen * Volksbank Kempen-Grefrath * Volksbank Kierspe * Volksbank Kirnau * Volksbank Klettgau-Wut├Âschingen * Volksbank Kleverland * Volksbank Konstanz * Volksbank Kraichgau * Volksbank Krautheim * Volksbank Krefeld * Volksbank Kurpfalz * Volksbank K├Âln Bonn * Volksbank K├Âthen-Bitterfeld * Volksbank Lahr * Volksbank Laichinger Alb * Volksbank Langendernbach * Volksbank Lastrup * Volksbank Lauterbach-Schlitz * Volksbank Lauterecken * Volksbank Leonberg-Strohg├Ąu * Volksbank Limbach * Volksbank Lindenberg * Volksbank Lingen * Volksbank Lohne-M├╝hlen * Volksbank L├Âbau-Zittau * Volksbank L├Âningen * Volksbank L├╝bbecker Land * Volksbank L├╝beck * Volksbank L├╝neburger Heide * Volksbank Magdeburg * Volksbank Main-Tauber * Volksbank Mainspitze * Volksbank Marl-Recklinghausen * Volksbank Me├čkirch Raiffeisenbank * Volksbank Mittelhessen * Volksbank Mittlerer Neckar * Volksbank Mittlerer Schwarzwald * Volksbank Mittleres Erzgebirge * Volksbank Mittweida * Volksbank Mosbach * Volksbank M├Âckm├╝hl * Volksbank M├Ânchengladbach * Volksbank M├╝nsingen * Volksbank M├╝nsterland Nord * Volksbank Neckartal * Volksbank Niedergrafschaft * Volksbank Niederrhein * Volksbank Nienburg * Volksbank Nordharz * Volksbank Nordh├╝mmling * Volksbank Nordschwarzwald * Volksbank Nottuln * Volksbank Ober-M├Ârlen * Volksbank Oberberg * Volksbank Ochtrup-Laer * Volksbank Oldenburg * Volksbank Olpe-Wenden-Drolshagen * Volksbank Osnabr├╝ck * Volksbank Osterholz-Scharmbeck * Volksbank Ostlippe * Volksbank Oyten * Volksbank Pforzheim * Volksbank Pfullendorf * Volksbank Pirna * Volksbank Plochingen * Volksbank Raesfeld und Erle * Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bad Kissingen * Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bad Oldesloe * Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte * Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Dachau * Volksbank Raiffeisenbank F├╝rstenfeldbruck * Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Mei├čen Gro├čenhain * Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Niederschlesien * Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Nordoberpfalz * Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Oberbayern S├╝dost * Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Regensburg-Schwandorf * Volksbank Raiffeisenbank W├╝rzburg * Volksbank Rathenow * Volksbank Remseck * Volksbank Rhede * Volksbank Rhein-Erft-K├Âln * Volksbank Rhein-Lahn-Limburg * Volksbank Rhein-Lippe * Volksbank Rhein-Nahe-Hunsr├╝ck * Volksbank Rhein-Ruhr * Volksbank Rhein-Wehra * Volksbank RheinAhrEifel * Volksbank Rheinb├Âllen * Volksbank Riesa * Volksbank Rietberg * Volksbank Rot * Volksbank Rottweil * Volksbank Ruhr Mitte * Volksbank Sandhofen * Volksbank Sangerhausen * Volksbank Sauerland * Volksbank Schermbeck * Volksbank Schlangen * Volksbank Schnathorst * Volksbank Schupbach * Volksbank Schwanewede * Volksbank Schwarzwald-Donau-Neckar * Volksbank Seesen * Volksbank Seligenstadt * Volksbank Selm-Bork * Volksbank Senden * Volksbank Solling * Volksbank Spree-Nei├če * Volksbank Sprockh├Âvel * Volksbank Stade-Cuxhaven * Volksbank Staufen * Volksbank Stendal * Volksbank Stuttgart * Volksbank St├Ârmede-H├Ârste * Volksbank Sulingen * Volksbank Sulmtal * Volksbank Syke * Volksbank S├╝d-Emsland * Volksbank S├╝dheide - Isenhagener Land - Altmark * Volksbank S├╝dkirchen-Capelle-Nordkirchen * Volksbank S├╝dm├╝nsterland-Mitte * Volksbank Th├╝ringen Mitte * Volksbank Trier * Volksbank Trossingen * Volksbank Uelzen-Salzwedel * Volksbank Ulm-Biberach * Volksbank Ulrichstein * Volksbank Vechta * Volksbank Versmold * Volksbank Viersen * Volksbank Visbek * Volksbank Vogtland-Saale-Orla * Volksbank Vorpommern * Volksbank Warendorf * Volksbank Welzheim * Volksbank Weschnitztal * Volksbank Westenholz * Volksbank Westerkappeln-Saerbeck * Volksbank Westerstede * Volksbank Westrhauderfehn * Volksbank Wickede Ruhr * Volksbank Wilhelmshaven * Volksbank Winsener Marsch * Volksbank Wittenberg * Volksbank Wittgenstein * Volksbank Wi├čmar * Volksbank Wolfenb├╝ttel * Volksbank Worpswede * Volksbank Wulfsen * Volksbank W├╝mme-Wieste * Volksbank Zuffenhausen * Volksbank Zwickau * Volksbank ├ťberherrn * Volksbank ├ťberlingen * Volksbank ├ťberwald-Gorxheimertal * Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank Amberg * Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank Deggingen * Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank Glauchau * Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank Laupheim-Illertal * Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank Riedlingen-Federsee * Volkswagen Financial Services Corporate * Volkswagen Financial Services Private * VR Bank Alsheim * VR Bank Alzey-Land-Schwabenheim * VR Bank Augsburg-Ostallg├Ąu * VR Bank Bad Orb-Gelnhausen * VR Bank Bamberg-Forchheim * VR Bank Bayreuth-Hof * VR Bank Bergisch Gladbach-Leverkusen * VR Bank Burglengenfeld * VR BANK Dinklage-Steinfeld * VR Bank Enz plus * VR Bank Fulda * VR Bank HessenLand * VR Bank Heuberg-Winterlingen * VR Bank Hohenneuffen-Teck * VR Bank in Holstein * VR Bank Kitzingen * VR Bank Lahn-Dill * VR Bank Lausitz * VR Bank Main-Kinzig-B├╝dingen * VR Bank Metropolregion N├╝rnberg * VR Bank Mittelhaardt * VR Bank Mittlere Oberpfalz * VR Bank Monheim am Rhein * VR Bank M├╝nchen Land * VR Bank Neuburg-Rain * VR Bank Neum├╝nster * VR Bank Niederbayern-Oberpfalz * VR Bank Nord * VR Bank Oberfranken Mitte * VR Bank Oldenburg Land * VR Bank Ostholstein Nord - Pl├Ân * VR Bank Ravensburg-Weingarten * VR Bank Rhein-Mosel * VR Bank Rhein-Neckar * VR Bank Schleswig-Mittelholstein * VR Bank Schw├Ąbisch Hall-Crailsheim * VR Bank Starnberg-Herrsching-Landsberg * VR Bank S├╝dliche Weinstra├če-Wasgau * VR Bank S├╝dpfalz * VR Bank T├╝bingen * VR Bank Weimar * VR Bank Westk├╝ste * VR Bank Westth├╝ringen * VR GenoBank DonauWald * VR PartnerBank Chattengau-Schwalm-Eder * VR PLUS Altmark-Wendland * VR-Bank Alb-Blau-Donau * VR-Bank Altenburger Land * VR-Bank Bad Salzungen Schmalkalden * VR-Bank Bonn * VR-Bank Coburg * VR-Bank Donau-Mindel * VR-Bank Dornstetten-Horb * VR-Bank Ehningen-Nufringen * VR-Bank Eisenach-Ronshausen * VR-Bank Ellwangen * VR-Bank Erding * VR-Bank Feuchtwangen-Dinkelsb├╝hl * VR-Bank Fichtelgebirge- Frankenwald * VR-Bank Fl├Ąming * VR-Bank Freudenberg-Niederfischbach * VR-Bank Gerolzhofen * VR-Bank Handels- und Gewerbebank * VR-Bank Hunsr├╝ck-Mosel * VR-Bank in Mittelbaden * VR-Bank in S├╝dniedersachsen * VR-Bank in S├╝doldenburg * VR-Bank Isar-Vils * VR-Bank Ismaning Hallbergmoos Neufahrn * VR-Bank Landau-Mengkofen * VR-Bank Landsberg-Ammersee * VR-Bank Landshut * VR-Bank Langenau-Ulmer Alb * VR-Bank Lichtenfels-Ebern * VR-Bank Ludwigsburg * VR-Bank Magstadt-Weissach * VR-Bank Main-Rh├Ân * VR-Bank Memmingen * VR-Bank Mitte * VR-Bank Mittelfranken West * VR-Bank Mittelsachsen * VR-Bank Neu-Ulm * VR-Bank Nordeifel * VR-Bank NordRh├Ân * VR-Bank Osnabr├╝cker Nordland * VR-Bank Ostalb * VR-Bank Ostbayern-Mitte * VR-Bank Passau * VR-Bank Rhein-Sieg * VR-Bank Rottal-Inn * VR-Bank Spangenberg-Morschen * VR-Bank S├╝dwestpfalz Pirmasens - Zweibr├╝cken * VR-Bank Taufkirchen-Dorfen * VR-Bank Uckermark-Randow * VR-Bank Werdenfels * VR-Bank Westm├╝nsterland * VR-Bank W├╝rselen * VR-Bankverein Bad Hersfeld-Rotenburg * Waldecker Bank * Wartburg-Sparkasse * Weberbank * WEG Bank * Weser-Elbe Sparkasse * Westerwald Bank Volks- und Raiffeisenbank * Wiesbadener Volksbank * Winterbacher Bank * Wise * Ziraat Bank International * Zevener Volksbank

Integrate with Dutch / Netherlands banks
This feature request would allow users to integrate their Dutch bank account to detect applications and the related spend. We have found and selected a payment integrator that should allow us to increase our Dutch coverage, with expected launch date at the start of July. When we are able to launch this, LicenceOne users will be able to detect application spend from following banking institutions: * ABN AMRO Bank * Airwallex * ASN Bank * Ebury * Handelsbanken Corporate * Handelsbanken Private * HSBCnet * ING * International Card Services B.V. * Knab * Monese * N26 Bank * PayPal * Rabobank * RegioBank * Revolut * SNS Bank * Stripe * Triodos Bank * Wise

Integrate with Italian banks
This feature would allow our Italian users to add their bank accounts as data sources so they can automatically detect applications and their spend from them. We have already identified a banking integrator for this and expect to be able to test their availability / quality before the end of July. The list of banks they support in Italy are as follows: * Airwallex * Alto Adige Banca ÔÇô Sudtirol Bank * Banca 2021 - Cilento, Vallo Di Diano E Lucania * Banca Adria Colli Euganei * Banca Agricola Popolare di Ragusa * Banca Akros * Banca Aletti * Banca Alpi Marittime Carr├╣ * Banca Alta Toscana * Banca Alto Vicentino Credito Cooperativo Di Schio, Pedemonte E Roana * Banca Annia Cred. Coop. Cartura E Polesine * Banca Carige * Banca Centro Emilia * Banca Centro Lazio * Banca Centro ÔÇô Credito Cooperativo Toscana ÔÇô Umbria Soc. Coop * Banca Centropadana * Banca Cesare Ponti * Banca Cremasca E Mantovana * Banca Dei Sibillini, Credito Cooperativo Di Casavecchia * Banca Del Catanzarese * Banca del Fucino * Banca del Mezzogiorno ÔÇô MedioCredito Centrale * Banca del Monte di Lucca * Banca del Piemonte * Banca del Sud * Banca Del Territorio Lombardo * Banca Della Marca * Banca Della Valsassina * Banca Delle Terre Venete * Banca Dell┬┤elba * Banca Di Ancona E Falconara Marittima * Banca Di Andria * Banca Di Anghiari E Stia * Banca Di Bologna * Banca Di Caraglio, Del Cuneese E Della Riviera Dei Fiori * Banca di Cividale * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Bergamasca E Orobica * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Cassa Rurale Di Val Di Fiemme * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Dei Castelli E Degli Iblei * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Dei Castelli Romani * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Del Circeo E Privernate * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Del Friuli Centrale * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Dell'alta Murgia * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Dell'alto Tirreno Della Calabria Verbicaro * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Della Romagna Occidentale * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Delle Prealpi * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Alba, Langhe, Roero E Del Canavese * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Alberobello E Sammichele Di Bari * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Anagni * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Aquara * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Avetrana * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Barlassina * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Brescia Di Brescia * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Casalgrasso E Sant'albano Stura * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Cassano Delle Murge E Tolve * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Castagneto Carducci Soc. Coop. Per Azioni * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Cherasco * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Conversano * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Filottrano - Credito Cooperativo Di Filottrano E Camerano * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Flumeri * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Locorotondo Cassa Rurale Ed Artigiana * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Marina Di Ginosa * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Massafra * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Oppido Lucano E Ripacandida * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Pianfei E Rocca De' Baldi * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Recanati E Colmurano * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di S. Marco Dei Cavoti E Del Sanniocalvi * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di San Giovanni Rotondo * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di San Marzano Di San Giuseppe * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Sarsina * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Scafati E Cetara * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Spello E Bettona * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Di Staranzano E Villesse * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo La Riscossa Di Regalbuto * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Laudense Lodi * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Monte Pruno Di Roscigno E Di Laurino * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Sangro Taetina Di Atessa Castiglione Giuliano * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Valdostana * Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Valle Del Torto * Banca di Credito Peloritano * Banca di Credito Popolare di Torre del Greco * Banca di Imola * Banca Di Pesaro * Banca Di Pescia E Cascina * Banca Di Pisa E Fornacette Credito Cooperativo * Banca Di Ripatransone E Del Fermano * Banca Di Taranto Bcc * Banca Di Udine * Banca Di Verona E Vicenza * Banca Don Rizzo - Credito Cooperativo Della Sicilia Occidentale * Banca Euromobiliare * Banca Fideuram * Banca Finnat Euramerica * Banca Galileo * Banca Generali * Banca Ifis * Banca Intermobiliare * Banca Lazio Nord Credito Cooperativo Soc. Coop. Per Azioni * Banca Leonardo * Banca Malatestiana * Banca Mediocredito Del Friuli Venezia Giulia * Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena Corporate * Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena Retail * Banca Nazionale del Lavoro * Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Corporate * Banca Passadore * Banca Patavina Di Sant┬┤elena E Piove Di Sacco * Banca Patrimoni * Banca Popolare Del Cassinate Societ├á Cooperativa Per Azioni * Banca Popolare del Frusinate * Banca Popolare del Lazio * Banca Popolare Delle Provincie Molisane * Banca Popolare di Bari * Banca Popolare Di Cortona Soc. Coop. Per Azioni * Banca Popolare di Fondi * Banca Popolare Di Lajatico * Banca Popolare di Puglia e Basilicata * Banca Popolare di Sondrio * Banca Popolare Pugliese * Banca Popolare Valconca * Banca Popolare Vesuviana * Banca Privata Leasing * Banca Progetto * Banca Promos * Banca San Francesco * Banca Sant'Angelo * Banca Sella * Banca Sicana Di Sommatino, Serradifalco E Sambuca Di Sicilia * Banca Stabiese * Banca Sviluppo * Banca Tema * Banca Ubae * Banca Valsabbina * Banca Veronese Di Concamarise * Banca Versilia Lunigiana E Garfagnana * Banca Widiba * Bancater Credito Cooperativo Fvg * Banco BPM Corporate * Banco BPM WeBank * Banco BPM YouWeb * Banco delle Tre Venezie * Banco di Desio e della Brianza * Banco di Lucca e del Tirreno * Banco di Sardegna Corporate * Banco di Sardegna Smart * Banco Fiorentino-mugello Impruneta Signa * Banco Marchigiano Credito Cooperativo * Banque Chaabi du Maroc * Barclays Bank Ireland PLC Sede Secondaria * BCC 'G. Toniolo' Di San Cataldo * BCC Abruzzese Cappelle Sul Tavo * BCC Agrigentino * BCC Agrobresciano * Bcc Basilicata Credito Cooperativo Di Laurenzana E Comuni Lucani * BCC Bergamo E Valli * BCC Brianza E Laghi * BCC Campania Centro CRA * BCC Canosa Loconia * BCC CRA Di Paliano * BCC Degli Ulivi Terra Di Bari * BCC Dei Colli Albani * BCC Del Basso Sebino * BCC Del Garda - BCC Colli Morenici Del Garda * BCC Del Metauro * BCC Del Piceno * BCC Del Valdarno * BCC Della Valle Del Trigno * BCC Dell┬┤adriatico Teramano * BCC Dell┬┤oglio E Del Serio * BCC Di Altofonte E Caccamo * BCC Di Arborea * BCC Di Bari * BCC Di Basciano * BCC Di Bellegra * BCC Di Borghetto Lodigiano * BCC Di Buccino E Dei Comuni Cilentani * BCC Di Busto Garolfo E Buguggiate * BCC Di Cagliari * BCC Di Capaccio Paestum E Serino * BCC Di Carate Brianza * BCC Di Caravaggio Adda E Cremasco * BCC Di Castiglione Messer Raimondo E Pianella * BCC Di Cittanova * BCC Di Fano * BCC Di Gambatesa * BCC Di Gaudiano Di Lavello * BCC Di Lezzeno * BCC Di Milano * BCC Di Montepaone * BCC Di Mozzanica * BCC Di Napoli * BCC Di Nettuno * BCC Di Ostra E Morro D┬┤alba * BCC Di Ostra Vetere * BCC Di Ostuni * BCC Di Pachino * BCC Di Pergola E Corinaldo * BCC Di Pontassieve * BCC Di Pratola Peligna * BCC Di Putignano * BCC Di Roma * BCC Di San Calogero E Maierato - BCC Del Vibonese * BCC Di Spinazzola * BCC Di Terra D┬┤otranto * BCC Di Triuggio E Della Valle Del Lambro * Bcc Felsinea BCC Dal 1902 * BCC Leverano * BCC Longi Valle Del Fitalia R.l. * BCC Mediocrati * BCC Mutuo Soccorso Di Gangi * BCC Pordenonese E Monsile * BCC Provincia Romana * BCC S.giuseppe Madonie * BCC San Michele Di Caltanissetta E Pietraperzia * BCC Terra Di Lavoro S. 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Integrate with Belgian banks
We are currently working on adding an additional banking partner that will allow users to synchronise the following banks as data sources in LicenceOne: * ABN AMRO Bank Commercial * Aion Bank * Airwallex * Argenta * AXA Bank * Bank J. Van Breda & Co * Banque CPH * Banque Triodos * Banx * BBVA * Belfius * Beobank * BNP Paribas Fortis * BNP Paribas Fortis Business * Bpost Bank * CBC Banque * Crelan * Deutsche Bank * Ebury * Europa Bank * Fintro * Fintro Business * Hello bank! * HSBCnet * ING * KBC * KBC Brussels * Keytrade Bank * Monese * N26 Bank * Nagelmackers * PayPal * Revolut * Stripe * Triodos Bank * VDK Bank * Wise We expect this to be ready for all users in the week beginning 18th July 2022.

Integrate with Portuguese banks
This feature would add Portuguese banking institutions as a data source so LicenceOne could detect applications and their spend from them. We have now identified and decided on our preferred integration service, and are beginning to build our technical specifications to integrate with them. This should be available to all users from the week beginning 18 July 2022. #Banks in Portugal that will be supported soon The following banks are those which LicenceOne will soon be able to detect software automatically from in Portugal: * Abanca * Airwallex * Banco ActivoBank * Banco Atlantico Europa * Banco BPI * Banco Carregosa * Banco CTT * Banco de Investimento Global * Banco Portugues de Gestao * Banco Santander * Bankinter * BBVA * Caixa Central de Credito Agricola Mutuo * Caixa De Credito Agricola Mutuo Da Chamusca * Caixa De Credito Agricola Mutuo De Bombarral * Caixa de Credito Agricola Mutuo de Leiria * Caixa de Credito Agricola Mutuo de Mafra * Caixa De Credito Agricola Mutuo De Torres Vedras * Caixa Economica da Misericordia de Angra do Heroismo * Caixa Economica Montepio Geral * Caixa Geral De Depositos * Cetelem * COFIDIS * Ebury * EuroBic * Millennium BCP * Monese * N26 Bank * Novo Banco * Novo Banco Dos A├žores * PayPal * Revolut * Stripe * Unicre - Institui├ž├úo Financeira de Cr├ędito * Wise

Integrate with Swedish banks
This feature would add Swedish banking institutions as a data source so LicenceOne could detect applications and their spend from them. We have now identified and decided on our preferred integration service, and are beginning to build our technical specifications to integrate with them. This should be available to all users from the week beginning 18 July 2022. # Banks in Sweden that will be supported soon The following banks are those which LicenceOne will soon be able to detect software automatically from in Sweden: * Airwallex * American Express * Bank Norwegian * Danske Bank Business * Danske Bank Private * Ekobanken Medlemsbank * Entercard * Facitbank SE * Handelsbanken Corporate * Handelsbanken Private * ICA Banken * Ikano Bank * JAK Medlemsbank * Komplett Bank * L├Ąnsf├Ârs├Ąkringar Private * L├ąn & Spar Bank * Marginalen Bank * Monese * N26 Bank * Nordea Business * Nordea Corporate * Nordea Personal * OK-Q8 Bank * PayPal * Resurs Bank * Revolut * Santander Consumer Bank * SEB Card Accounts * SEB Card Accounts Corporate * SEB Corporate * SEB Kort Bank AB * SEB Kort Bank AB Corporate * SEB Private * Skandia Banken * Sparbanken Syd * Stripe * Swedbank * Wise * ├ůlandsbanken

Integrate with Finnish banks
This feature would add Finnish banking institutions as a data source so LicenceOne could detect applications and their spend from them. We have now identified and decided on our preferred integration service, and are beginning to build our technical specifications to integrate with them. This should be available to all users from the week beginning 18 July 2022. # Banks in Finland that will be supported soon The following banks are those which LicenceOne will soon be able to detect software automatically from in Finland: * Airwallex * American Express * Bank Norwegian * Danske Bank Business * Danske Bank Private * Ferratum Bank * Handelsbanken Corporate * Handelsbanken Private * Ikano Bank * Komplett Bank * Monese * N26 Bank * Nordea Business * Nordea Corporate * Nordea Personal * Oma S├Ą├Ąst├Âpankki * OP Financial Group * PayPal * POP Pankki * Resurs Bank * Revolut * S-Pankki * SEB Kort Bank AB * SEB Kort Bank AB Corporate * Stripe * S├Ą├Ąst├Âpankki * Wise * ├ůlandsbanken

Integrate with Romanian banks
This feature would add Romanian banking institutions as a data source so LicenceOne could detect applications and their spend from them. We have now identified and decided on our preferred integration service, and are beginning to build our technical specifications to integrate with them. This should be available to all users from the week beginning 18 July 2022. # Banks in Romania that will be supported soon The following banks are those which LicenceOne will soon be able to detect software automatically from in Romania: * Airwallex * Alpha Bank * Banca Comercială Română * Banca Transilvania * Garanti BBVA * ING * Libra Bank * Monese * N26 Bank * PayPal * Porsche Bank * Raiffeisen Bank * Raiffeisen Bank Corporate * Revolut * Stripe * Unicredit * Wise

Integrate with Austrian banks
This feature would add Austrian banking institutions as a data source so LicenceOne could detect applications and their spend from them. We have now identified and decided on our preferred integration service, and are beginning to build our technical specifications to integrate with them. This should be available to all users from the week beginning 18 July 2022. # Banks in Austria that will be supported soon The following banks are those which LicenceOne will soon be able to detect software automatically from in Austria: * Airwallex * Allgemeine Sparkasse Ober├Âsterreich Bank AG * Bank Austria * Bank Austria - BusinessNet * Bank Austria - UC eBanking Global * Bankhaus Krentschker and Co. AG * BAWAG P.S.K. * BKS Bank * BTV Bank * Die Zweite Wiener Vereins-Sparcasse * Dornbirner Sparkasse Bank AG * Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG * Erste Group Bank AG * Hypo Ober├Âsterreich * ING * KREMSER BANK UND SPARKASSEN AG * K├Ąrntner Sparkasse AG * Lienzer Sparkasse AG * Monese * N26 Bank * Oberbank * PayPal * Raiffeisen Bank International * Revolut * Salzburger Sparkasse Bank AG * Sparda-Bank * Sparkasse Baden * Sparkasse Bludenz Bank AG * Sparkasse Bregenz Bank AG * Sparkasse der Gemeinde Egg * Sparkasse der Stadt Amstetten AG * Sparkasse der Stadt Feldkirch * Sparkasse der Stadt Kitzb├╝hel * Sparkasse Eferding-Peuerbach-Waizenkirchen * Sparkasse Feldkirchen/K├Ąrnten * Sparkasse Frankenmarkt AG * Sparkasse Hainburg-Bruck-Neusiedl AG * Sparkasse Haugsdorf * Sparkasse Herzogenburg-Neulengbach Bank AG * Sparkasse Horn-Ravelsbach-Kirchberg AG * Sparkasse Imst AG * Sparkasse Korneuburg AG * Sparkasse Kufstein, Tiroler Sparkasse von 1877 * Sparkasse Lambach Bank AG * Sparkasse Langenlois * Sparkasse Mittersill Bank AG * Sparkasse Muehlviertel-West Bank AG * Sparkasse M├╝rzzuschlag AG * Sparkasse Neuhofen Bank AG * Sparkasse Neunkirchen * Sparkasse Niederoesterreich Mitte West Ag * Sparkasse Pottenstein N.├ľ. * Sparkasse Poysdorf AG * Sparkasse Pregarten - Unterwei├čenbach AG * Sparkasse P├Âllau AG * Sparkasse Rattenberg Bank AG * Sparkasse Reutte AG * Sparkasse Ried im Innkreis-Haag am Hausruck * Sparkasse Salzkammergut AG * Sparkasse Scheibbs AG * Sparkasse Schwaz AG * Sparkasse Voitsberg-K├Âflach Bankaktiengesellschaft * Steierm├Ąrkische Bank und Sparkassen AG * Stripe * Volksbank K├Ąrnten * Volksbank Nieder├Âsterreich * Volksbank Ober├Âsterreich * Volksbank Salzburg * Volksbank Steiermark * Volksbank Tirol * Volksbank Vorarlberg * Volksbank Wien * Waldviertler Sparkasse Bank AG * Wiener Neust├Ądter Sparkasse * Wise * ├ľsterreichische ├ärzte- und Apothekerbank

Integrate with Estonia banks
This feature would allow Estonian users to synchronise the following banks as data sources with LicenceOne: * Airwallex * Citadele * Coop Pank * LHV * Luminor * Monese * N26 Bank * PayPal * Revolut * SEB * Stripe * Swedbank * Wise

Integrate with Luxembourg banks
This feedback item would allow users to add their banking institutions based in Luxembourg as a data source in LicenceOne. ## Banks that will be covered * Airwallex * Bankinter * Banque BCP * Banque et Caisse dÔÇÖEpargne de lÔÇÖEtat * Banque Havilland * Banque Internationale a Luxembourg * Banque Raiffeisen * BGL BNP Paribas * BPER Bank Luxembourg S.A. * Deutsche Bank * DNB * East-West United Bank * EFG Bank * Eurobank Private Bank * Fideuram Bank * Goldman Sachs * HSBCnet * Intesa Sanpaolo Bank * Julius Baer * Lombard Odier * Monese * N26 Bank * PayPal * Pictet * Quintet Private Bank * Revolut * Royal Bank of Scotland International * SEB * Societe Generale Corporate * Stripe * Union Bancaire Priv├ęe * Union Bancaire Priv├ęe Europe * Wise

­čîč Feature
­čÄĘ Add your logo to LicenceOne's interface

Whitelabelling LicenceOne
If you're reading this, you're probably from AppSumo ­čśé We've built the product spec for this feature but we haven't began coding it. We need to make sure that when uploading files, security can be guaranteed. Our advice: don't buy the LTD until we've put this into production. Too often you've been promised features that weren't delivered. **BUTTT**... do make a vote on this feature and submit your email so you will receive an update when this feature is ready. _____________________________ # Feature update This feature is now available to all users. To add your logo to your LicenceOne account, please follow our guide on the FAQs here: https://faq.licence.one/en/articles/6306192-how-do-i-add-my-company-logo-to-licenceone

Today we've launched a feature that allows all users to replace the LicenceOne logo on the top left of their menu to their own.


To do add your logo to your account, you will need your company logo to be:

  • Uploaded on a publicly available URL (e.g. Imgur, your WordPress site, your Webflow assets etc.)
  • In png, jpg, SVG, or gif format
  • In a horizontal layout format
  • Ideally in 160px x 28px dimensions (we automatically resized your image based on that maximum height)

Once that's all in place, head to Settings > Company information to get started.

For extra help getting setup with your customised interface, please consult our detailed FAQ article on "How do I add my company logo to LicenceOne?

­čĺŞ Manually add or change application spend

Manually add spend to applications
Sometimes users don't want to add their bank accounts, or LicenceOne just simply doesn't integrate with their banking institution. For these users, it would be awesome if they could manually add their transaction lines or the cost of their applications to calculate how much they've spent on each app.

You asked, we answered: LicenceOne users can now manually add spend to applications.

A huge thanks goes out to everyone that's been waiting on this feature. We've had a huge shift in product philosophy over the past month; where previously we considered manual data entry to be the enemy we now consider it our friend ­čĄŚ

Users can now add spend data in one of two ways.

1. Manually add spend for a new app

When manually adding applications to LicenceOne, we now have the following extra fields:

  • First payment date (which is the date when we'll start calculating spend for this app)
  • Billing cycle
  • Cost per billing cycle


2. Manually edit spend for an existing app

If your application has already been created in LicenceOne, head to the application page and click on the three dots indicating "More" on the top right of your interface:

From there, you should see a new popup that will allow you to change the application's spend; notably:

  • Apply the following changes from -> From what date should we start to manually generate this updated spend data
  • Billing cycle
  • Cost per billing cycle
­čôł Improvement
Add financial models to apps and change your company country

We've received feedback from multiple users mentioning that while they like that LicenceOne has a billing cycle field, this doesn't perfectly describe all the nuances between subscription-based applications, pay-as-you-go applications, or otherwise.

So we listened.

Now, on top of a billing cycle, users can assign the following financial models to their applications: Subscription, Pay-as-you-go, Marketplace, and Lifetime deal.

What's more, we've now removed lifetime deal from the billing cycle options. If users select lifetime deal as a financial model, the billing cycle will be set as one-time.

You can check out our feedback item for this below:

Rework financial-related application fields (billing cycle, app type etc.)
This feature would allow users to easily figure out where to find the lifetime deal tag (because if Application Type is free, the billing cycle field is hidden). This could also then allow the display of different fields (e.g. for lifetime, you might want a "Purchase date" field)

Change your company country

Allow user to change company country in the settings menu
LicenceOne currently decides which number formatting to use based on the country that a user is located in. However, we don't allow users to change that country after they have completed the onboarding process. This feature would allow users to head to their company settings section and change their country, with the goal of allowing them to change the number formatting that is displayed.

When signing up, some users skipped through our onboarding and unfortunately left the country field as the default value.

Normally that shouldn't be an issue, however, this is one of the ways that LicenceOne determines which currency symbol to display on financial amounts.

Now we've added a field under your company settings so that you can change your company country whenever you like ­čśÇ

Mid-May Product Update

Phew - launching on Appsumo keeps you busy! ­čśů But in-between support, product design, and technical specifications we've still been able to publish a first batch of your desired changes.

Manually add applications without waiting for review

Manually add applications to LicenceOne without waiting for review
When manually adding an application into LicenceOne, users must wait until our team manually validates each and every application. That's rubbish! This feature would allow all users to add applications instantly to LicenceOne without waiting for validation, as well as provide the LicenceOne team the ability to manually them so that our other users can benefit from our improved detection algorithms. This feedback item is required before we begin working on the following item: [feedback: 23906/]

We've completely reworked the way our application database works so that you can now manually create an application in LicenceOne, even if it doesn't already exist in our app database, without having to wait for us to verify it.

Simply head to the "Add an application" button at the top right of your applications page to get startedchrome_moKAn6bG4R.png

This is the first stage in a three-stage process for improving manually adding applications to LicenceOne. Very soon we'll be adding a couple of extra fields to the manual creation view and then will start implementing our most requested feature: manually adding application spend and costs.

Changed number formatting so it's how you like it

Change the number/currency formatting depending of the user language
We currently display financial amounts with a comma separator and the currency symbol after the numbers e.g. 1 547,35 $ Other countries might be used to seeing this differently, for example $1,547.35 in the USA.

Previously LicenceOne displayed all financial amounts with the currency symbol after the numbers, and with a comma separator to show decimal values.

Now we've changed things so that your browser language and region automatically determines what number format appears. For example, if you've setup your browser to American English, numbers will now look like $122.33

New dashboard graph

Allow users to visualise their spend for the previous month (or further)
In its current state, LicenceOne's dashboard only allows users to visualise spend for the month in progress. That means that the only way that I can really analyse my software spend for the month is to login at the end of the month before the data resets. What would be awesome is a way for me to visualise what I spent last month, or even over the last year. Right now I can't do that :(

We have now reworked your dashboard so that instead of displaying a bar chart with the budget assigned to each team, we now display a chart of your past 12 month's application spend. That way, you can start to visualise how your application spend has been evolving.


For those that want to track budget allocation per team - don't fret!

We're first going to work on allowing users to assign multiple teams to an application and calculate how that budget is divided (equally or by headcount for example) and once that's perfected; we'll move on to making a useful dashboard graphic to display that information.

To follow our progress on that, you can upvote or subscribe to our feedback entry below:

Assign multiple teams to a licence
Sometimes there may be an applicaiton that's used by multiple teams (e.g. Slack, Google Workspace, Notion); however LicenceOne only allows users to assign 1 team to that application. This feature request would allow users to: * Assign multiple teams to an application * Decide how budget allocation should be split between those teams; either; * Equal amount per team i.e. if there's 4 teams, the budget gets divided by 4 * By headcount of assigned employees i.e. if there's 10 developers and 2 sales using the application, we divide the amount by 12 and then multiply it by 10 to find budget assignment for the development team, or multiply by 2 to find the budget assigned to the sales team * By percentage, i.e. the user can decide that even if there's 3 teams assigned, the buget is split 50/50 between two of them

­čôł Improvement
Weird text wrapping on tasks section when the panel is active
­čôł Improvement
Start completing tasks should be disabled in demonstration account
­čÉ× Bug
Sandbox can't be disabled if a sandbox bank transaction has been deleted
­čÉ× Bug
On a licence overview, when manually adding users to the licence, a backend error is triggered if no user provided by the frontend
­čöž Some fixes
  • Users can now click on applications from the dashboard Renewal timeline and open them in multiple tabs
  • Changed action buttons (e.g. Save, Cancel) on modal pop-ups so that they're sticky and always visible, even for users on smaller screens
    Make modal action buttons sticky
    We discovered a small interface error where action buttons on modals such as "Add a new data source" and the "New employees detected" popups aren't immediately viewable for users on small viewports. This feature sets to make those buttons sticky and always viewable, whereas the content will be scrollable.
  • Fixed an error where the employee profile view had a table column for Estimated monthly spend instead of Spend last billing cycle
    Fix error with Est. monthly spend calculation
    When visiting an employee's profile, there's an error where the calculation on the "Est. monthly spend" column isn't calculating correctly. This ticket aims to fix that.
  • Fixed bug where search text remained in the search bar after selecting a result
    Text remains in search bar after clicking on a result
    After searching for an application or employee, the search query remains in the search bar after clicking on the result. This ticket aims to fix that problem.
  • Fixed error where changing an Application type from Free to Paid didn't sort correctly in the applications table
  • Changed invoice collection task wording from Upload x invoice to Collect x invoice so that it's more obvious that LicenceOne doesn't store invoices
  • Added a Lifetime deal option for an application's Billing cycle
  • Fixed an error where marking an application as This application doesn't renew didn't remove it from the Renewals section
  • Fixed some translations for the French language
  • Fixed underline formatting for hyperlinks so it's more obvious
­čąľ Fran├žais, Fran├žaise - Je vous ai compris

Parlez-vous fran├žais ?

Our French community will now have the choice to use the langue de moli├Ęre inside LicenceOne. You will find a new preferences in the user settings allowing you to choose your prefered language for your user account.

New Tasks filters ­čÄ»

Whereas before users could only filter between Assigned to, we have now added Creation date and Assigned to team filters, which can also be used with each other.

Improved search ­čöÄ

We've now reworked LicenceOne's search system so that you can search for applications and employees from anywhere in the application.

Other updates

  • We've now brought the improved task interface from the process view and made it available directly from the Tasks section
  • Now if users uncomplete a task in an offboarding process, we re-mark the concerned employee as Tracked and assign them to the application again
­čĽÁ´ŞĆ Task audit logs

Task log recording

When offboarding employees with LicenceOne's processes, it can be important for compliance reasons to know who performed an action (e.g. said that they removed an employees access) and when they performed that action.

That's why now in LicenceOne, all of the following actions related to tasks will generate an unchangable log with a timestamp:

  • Task assigned to another employee
  • Task status changed e.g. Todo -> Completed
  • Task created by the system


Other changes

  • The in-app notification panel has been removed
  • Added a new and improved settings menu to make it clearer that users can perform multiple actions from there ­čśë
  • Removed the blur from the untracked applications table
  • Fixed a bug where the application table wasn't sorting applications correctly
­čžĹÔÇŹ­čÄĘ UX Improvements

New task interface

To make process tasks simpler and easier to navigate; we've completely revamped the entire UI we first deployed for our task system.

First to be impacted is the process view.

Now users can:

  • Mark tasks as complete from a checkbox
  • Group together tasks based on their status
  • Change between tasks statuses (e.g. To do and Complete with new primary filters


We expect to rollout this same interface to the Tasks section of LicenceOne's interface in very soon.

Helping users add renewal dates

Through speaking with users, we discovered that while you can add renewal dates one-by-one from their application page - it's a bit tedious.

To make this easier, we now display a callout have have built a custom tutorial that appears once we have detected a paid application without a renewal date filled in.

872-e6658d11306f84738ad7e65098a7734bf13e4a71 (1).png

­čîč Feature
­čܬOffboarding processes

While it's important to monitor your software consumption, it's perhaps even more important to be proactive. That's why today we bring you Processes.

When one of your employees leaves the company, you can start an offboarding process from the employee view.

This ensures that an employee is removed from 100% of their accesses, logins, and accounts by:

  • Ensuring every application used by the employee has a manager
  • Ensuring that the someone replaces that employee as manager if they are also assigned to applications
  • Invite managers who don't already have a LicenceOne account to create one so we can assign tasks to them
  • Automatically untrack the departing employee from LicenceOne so you don't have to pay for them anymore (it's the least we can do ­čśë)
  • Create offboarding assigned to each application manager asking them to remove the departing employee
  • When all offboarding tasks are completed, the offboarding process will be marked as complete

Last words, we technically designed this set of features with the idea of being flexible and extendable easily. Which means you will soon see some others kind of processes, or some others automatic tasks plugged on our processes system.


Renewal timeline update

  • You can now filter the timeline by software ownership (Applications I manage, Applications managed by others, Unassigned applications)
  • We removed the Renewal date column from the Applications list as this duplicated the same information users would find in our new renewals section
­čîč Feature
­čôů Renewal timeline


In today's update, all users will now see a new Renewals section on their interface. Contained within is a listing of all upcoming renewal dates for the software subscriptions within the company.

Contrary to the renewals module of your dashboard, this section provides a global overview of every renewal date for software in your company, regardless of how distant it is in the future.

To change any of the information related to the application, simply click on the renewal row and a Edit application menu should open on the right of your screen.


  • Scrollbar design has been changed for all LicenceOne users to avoid design conflicts with Windows' native scrollbar
­čôâ Tasks come out of beta

Customise when you collect invoices

We listened to your feedback and added a new setting to customise your invoice collect frequency:

  • Weekly: Invoice collection tasks will be generated each week if we've detected transactions during that period
  • Monthly: Invoice collection tasks will be generated each month if we've detected transactions during that period

Re-assign tasks to others

Where before, tasks were always assigned to the manager of an application, it meant that users had no way to override the setting in specific situations (e.g. when a software manager was on holiday).

We've now modified this logic:

  • Every task has now its own owner; meaning you can change a task assignee without changing the application manager
  • We have now added a filter to the tasks page to view tasks that are Assigned to you, Assigned to others andUnassaigned.

Other changes & fixes

  • You can now open your software in a new tab by holding Control and clicking on the application name
  • New employee detection has been improved to provide a better explaination on how prices are calculated
  • Fixed an error with our support chat integration. You can now have a chat with us even if you're viewing a popup window
  • We now display payment error messages so you're able to take action
  • We fixed an error where companies that shouldn't pay VAT couldn't complete the payment process
­čîč Feature
­čôž Email alerts when you have an unsynchronised bank account

In today's update, we've launched a way to you consistently monitor bank accounts for software spend with ease.

Now LicenceOne will send users an email alert when:

  • We've first detected that your bank account is not synchronised
  • 7 days after the first notification, but only if the account is still unsynchronised
    That way you'll know that you need to log back in and perform a synchronisation, otherwise we won't be able to scan your accounts for software payments.

Why would my bank account become unsynchronised?

The most common reasons for this are:

  • Your bank requires users to resynchronise every 30 - 90 days as a security measure
  • Your bank has changed their terms and conditions and needs you to log back in to approve them
  • Your bank requires you to log back into your online banking and change your password
    If this ever happens, you should be able to see the reason why directly on your Data sourcespanel while hovering over the Not synchronised pill
    160-3d9e2f19fe145b825e60498b6936771e749c785c (1).png
Ôťö´ŞĆ Edit tasks and edit from the app list

Edit tasks

Users can now edit task related information by clicking the task name or on the Edit button, such as:

  • If the application is tracked
  • Who the application manager is
  • What the billing page URL is
    Users now also able to mark a task as complete manually by clicking Mark as complete without passing via the web extension.

Edit from app list

Now users are able to click and change the team or manager assigned to an application without visiting the detailed app view.

Simply click on the relevant cell and search for the team or manager you wish to assign the application to.

Improved data sources

We had some users report that they were not aware that their financial data sources were no longer monitored, despite using the application regularly.

To help out, we now display a small red dot on the Data sources menu icon and the concerned data source that is no longer synchronised.

We have also re-worked our UI so that items that need user attention are much more eye-grabbing and instructive.

Web extension

We've added a Current task element to the bottom right of users' screens to give more context of what task they should be accomplishing


We've added a tooltip to the Add new billing page dialogue of the web extension to make it clearer what this feature does

Other changes & fixes

  • You can now search by email and employee name from the Add new users search box on the Users section
  • We now save how many table lines and what column heading you sort by (for example, on the applications list) to display for the duration of a users' session
  • LicenceOne now checks if a user has synchronised their Google Workspace account when they try to manually add employees. If they haven't, we remind them that they can import all employees automatically
  • Fixed an error where the number of skipped invoices weren't counted correctly after the invoice collection process
  • Fixed an error where we displayed a Tutorial button on the web extension popup
  • Fixed some formatting errors with the web extension buttons
­čĄę Autocomplete fields & fixes

If you follow our updates rigorously, you might have noticed a trend.

Indeed, at LicenceOne we prefer launching a few well-developed features rather than hundreds of half-baked ones.

WellÔÇŽthis update is no different ­čśë

New application manager search

Sometimes when you're working in a large company, scrolling through a massive list of employees to find the one software manager that you want to assign can be a pain.

That's why now in LicenceOne, you can search for them by first name or email and assign your software managers in a flash ­čĺą


  • We've added a Renewal date column to the application list so that now you can have a better outlook on your upcoming renewals
  • Now when users delete a bank account, the invoice collection tasks associated with those transactions are also deleted
  • We've added pagination to the Tasks page
  • Changed position of Add new users button on the Users section to make it more visible on smaller screens
  • We now sort all major tables automatically, so that users always see an arrow on the table headings and know that they can click there to sort
  • Removed the chevron from search bar so there is only one icon, the magnifying glass


  • Fixed a glitch where part of our bank icon wasn't displaying properly
  • We now display the correct number of tracked employees in the Billing section of LicenceOne
­čĹęÔÇŹ­čÄĘ More improvements



  • The activity column in the User section of the detailed application view now sorts in the correct order rather than alphabetically
  • Untracked employees no longer appear in the Application manager dropdown list of the detailed application view
  • Administrators can now remove Google Workspace from theirData sources
  • We fixed a bug where some users that didn't have a LicenceOne application in their account received a 500 error
  • All checkboxes have now been changed to reflect our design system
  • We added over 100 new applications that can now be detected via Google

Web extension

­čĺí Note: Google Web Store does not push the updates to our web extension automatically. It might take a few days before the following changes apply in your interface

  • Users can now exit the task process by clicking the extension icon on their navigator and clicking on End tasks


  • We now display a notification when users have successfully saved a new billing page or when we are redirecting them to a new billing page


  • We've designed a pretty interface on the extension popup when a user is not currently logged into their LicenceOne account
  • We added a new popup interface for when users have no pending tasks
  • We added a new popup interface when in the task completion process
­čîč Feature
­čÜś Autopilot invoice collection beta

Nobody adds value by spending hours collecting software invoices.

Every. Damn. Month.

That's why with today's launch, we've made some first steps to make the process a whole load quicker.

Automatic task creation


  • We've added a Tasks area of the software
  • LicenceOne will automatically generate invoice collection tasks each month based on your bank transactions
  • LicenceOne will also automatically generate invoice collection tasks each time you synchronise a new financial data source
  • Tasks are automatically assigned to their software manager
  • If users don't have the web extension installed they won't be able to begin collecting tasks
  • If users don't have financial data sources connected no tasks will be generated

Autopilot web extension


  • All invoice collection tasks appear in the LicenceOne web extension
  • Users are automatically taken to each software billing page to download their invoice(s)
  • Tasks are marked as completed when we detect an invoice has been downloaded
  • Users can define a new billing page to be redirected there next time they have to collect an invoice
  • Users can automatically search their Gmail inbox for invoices
  • Users can skip invoice collection tasks via the skip button
  • The web extension displays analysis outlining the number of invoices collected and skipped, time spent doing so, and the estimated time users have saved (vs. if they collected these invoices manually)
­čîč Some improvements

New in today's update

  • Administrators can now choose access rights before inviting a new user to LicenceOne
  • We've added a one-time billing cycle to the detailed app view to track any non-recurring payments for software

Changes & Fixes

  • We now mention 2 employees rather than 2 displayed on the team settings page
  • Improved our Google Workspace search algorithm to identify even more applications from the synchronisation
  • Fixed a bug where after accepting an email invitation, some new users received an error when visiting the settings page
  • We've improved the way that we track errors on our backend
  • Fixed a bug with our internal tooling
­čÄë LicenceOne moves to premium

New in today's update

  • Launched the paid version of LicenceOne
  • Added a Billing section (Settings > Billing) to manage your LicenceOne subscription


  • Created permissions so that only users with Admin access can view and manage a company's LicenceOne subscription
  • All early ambassadors setup with a 30 day free use period before being required to subscribe to a plan
  • 11 day free trial period established for all new LicenceOne users
  • Lots of complicated and boring billing, invoicing and accounting settings that you don't need to worry about ­čśő

Changes & Fixes

  • Admins can no longer invite untracked employees
  • Removed Google Workspace setup button from the Employees section (it only appears in Data Sources now ­čśë)
  • The settings icon on the top-right of the interface has been changed to a cog icon
  • Untracked employees no longer appear in dropdowns for assigning an employee to an application
  • Changed the wording from Assign new users to licence to Assign new users to applicationin the detailed application view
  • Fixed bug where invited users couldn't use enter to submit their password form
  • When manually adding an employee, adding a team is no longer a required field
­čôŐ Improved financial calculations and billing cycles

Improved financial calculations

We've changed the way LicenceOne calculates and displays your application spend.

Now, instead of estimating your monthly spend, we take a lot of different factors into consideration and estimate the spend for the last billing cycle.

Improved billing cycle accuracy

We've completly reworked our billing cycle algorithm to consider twice the amount of different factors before making a decision on what the most probable billing cycle is for your software.

The eagle-eyed among you will have also noticed that we've added an Other billing cycle for when your software payments do not follow a particular pattern (e.g. API access purchases, monthly subscriptions that were stopped and restarted etc.).

We've also added a Waiting for more data... status of users' billing cycle when we don't have enough data to accurately predict whether it's monthly, yearly, or other. This status will change automatically once we do, or users can change it manually to override the system.

Other improvements

  • Account owners now receive a renewal reminder 40 days before a software's renewal date
  • The right-most month of the graphs in the app detailed view have been changed to the current month
  • We now require users to enter a renewal date when they change a software to a yearly billing cycle
  • Counts in the application and employee lists now only count the number of items displayed depending on the filter applied (tracked or untracked)
­čôüHide untracked applications and change renewal dates

Hide untracked applications and employees

Now when you switch the tracking toggle to disabled we will hide your application or employee from appearing in your lists.

If you ever want to consult all of your untracked items, simply use the filter on the top left of your table and select Untracked applications. By default, your filter will only have tracked applications selected.

Easily update renewal dates

You can now change a software's renewal date, go to the software's website, or stop tracking that software directly from the renewals section of the dashboard.

We've also made the Software renewal date an editable field within the detailed application view so you can change it from there ­čśë

Access an application's website in one click

If you've ever been reviewing your company software subscriptions come across some niche software you've never heard of - you're not alone!

At least now to make things a little easier, you can directly open the website for the exact application concerned from your LicenceOne interface rather than having to go through Google search results or message the application manager.

Other improvements and changes

  • Added over 100 new applications to our detection database
  • Moved Google Workspace to data sources
  • Changed Add data source button to include more information on what we actually detect from each source
  • We now display an error message and shoot you an email if you are not an admin of Google Workspace but try to synchronise it with LicenceOne
  • We hope you never see them, but if you do, we've made our error pages (404, 500 etc.) nice to the eye and less "OMG I broke everything"
  • Reworked the password reset user flow and UI
­čîč Feature
­čĹĘÔÇŹ­čÄô Employee profiles

Want to see all of the applications that an employee has access to and how often they use them? Us too.

­čĺą Now presenting, LicenceOne employee profiles.

With today's update you can now click on an employee to access their profile to:

  • Get a list of all applications they have been assigned to
  • Get a list of all applications they have been detected on via Login with Google
  • See their activity levels for all applications where Google signin is available
  • See the last date Google has detected login activity
  • See how many apps they are assigned as a manager to

Other changes

Added Now the employees table has a column with the number of apps that each employee has access to

Fixed LicenceOne users can sort via the table headings in the "User" section of the detailed application view

­čîč Feature
­čĄľ Automatically detect app activity and link users

Sure, detecting applications is cool, but wouldn't it be really cool if you were able to detect if those applications are being used by your employees?

Say no more - LicenceOne's activity levels are now ready!
647-c189f91e7f1c3ac1b1077b37eb80045a4936ff21 (1).png
Simply connect your company Google Workspace account with LicenceOne via the "Employees" page and we'll automatically:

  • Link employees to apps where they've clicked "Login with Google"
  • Detect the last date that they logged in via Google
  • Display an activity level indicator per user

Other changes

Added If a sole employee has been linked to an application via Google, we will also assign that employee's team to the application

Added Now you can set an "Application Type" as either Paid or Free via the application view
Added We've added some text to the bottom of the login page so new users know where they can create an account

Added Now we display a little hint to synchronise Google or extra data sources if we have not detected any data

Changed The way that we load pages and request data has been optimised. You will probably notice that pages in LicenceOne load quicker.

Changed Our "software identification" algorithm has been optimised. For new users, we should now be able to provide first results much quicker.

Changed We've changed the "Applications" table to include the number of users and the application manager

Changed Application switcher tab names to Overview, Spend and Users

Fixed A compatibility issue with Firefox where users couldn't submit LicenceOne forms (login & register)

Fixed We had a bug where users couldn't work if a cell contained an image element (Applications list, team etc.). That's fixed now.

Fixed Some recent changes meant that the renewal dashboard didn't display any data. Whoops. Fixed.

Fixed A particular case where our company logo placeholder wasn't displaying for some apps.